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Zhe-Xi Luo

Zhe-Xi Luo


Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy
The University of Chicago

Email: zxluo (a); Phone: (773) 702-7816

Research of Dr. Zhe-Xi Luo focuses on the evolutionary biology of Mesozoic mammals. The emphasis of this work is to decipher the origins of mammalian biological adaptations, evolutionary relationship of major lineages, ecological diversification, and developmental patterns. Of particular interest is the evolution of the mammalian middle and inner ears, the hyoid apparatus, tribosphenic molars and tooth functions, limb skeletons and locomotor patterns.

Luo and his collaborating team of international scientists have made discoveries of many early fossil mammals including Hadrocodium (the “paper clip” mammal from the Early Jurassic), Castorocauda (the earliest known swimming mammal), Maiapatagium and Vilevolodon (the earliest-known gliders in mammal evolution), Rugosodon (the earliest-known skeletal fossil of multituberculate mammals), Juramaia, Eomaia, and Sinodelphys (some of the earliest-known member of the modern therian lineages). He was a co-author for Mammals from the Age of Dinosaurs, a major book on early mammal evolution.

A former Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology and Associate Director of Research at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Luo is committed to promoting the public understanding of science, supporting museum collections and exhibitions, and natural history sciences in general, whether based in museums or in universities (Luo’s CV)

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