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April Neander

April Neander

Research Specialist

Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy
The University of Chicago
Anatomy 306
1027 E. 57th St
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773) 702-4715

April Neander’s CV

April Neander is a research specialist for the Luo Lab and PaleoCT Lab. Her work and responsibilities include scientific illustration and visualization, micro-CT operations, and lab management. April has been working in the Luo Lab since 2012.

April started work at the Luo Lab after earning an M.S. in Biomedical Visualization (BVIS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. While there, she focused on various digital media, such as 3D animation, CT data segmentation, and digital illustration.

April is very interested in the interconnectedness between art and science. In her spare time she works on her art which ranges from traditional illustrations to manipulating CT scans to create abstract sculptures. She is also interested in paleoart, especially with a focus on synapsids-to-mammals. You can see some of her paleoart in the recently published book “Beasts Before Us” by Dr. Elsa Panciroli.


Sample Portfolio

Digitally painted life reconstruction of Microdocodon. Full scene image and close-up.

Digital 3D reconstruction of Haramiyavia jaw based on micro-CT data.

Chew cycle animation of Vilevolodon. Models from micro-CT scan data. 

Line illustration of teeth and jaw of Docofossor.

Shoulder girdle anatomy of Dimetrodon. Illustrated for Dr. James Hopson.

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